Thursday, 15 April 2010

I won ... Creating a Forest Garden

I don't really enter many competitions, but occasionally something grabs my attention as this one did. A chance to win a copy of "Creating A Forest Garden: Working with nature to grow edible crops" by Martin Crawford was temptation enough for me to enter, and today I found out that I have won.

picture from Amazon

I am eagerly awaiting this book now, can't wait to read it. With reviews on Amazon synopsis from the Permaculture Magazine, Alys Fowler and the wonderful Patrick Whitefield, it sounds like this will be a great book to add to the bookshelf. I like the idea of forest gardens, and elements of them can be incorporated into even the smallest of gardens up to large woodland areas. Patick Whitefields book "How to Make a Forest Garden" is also a very good read, as are other books on the subject by the late Robert Hart, for example.


  1. Well done - it's great when the things you enter and win are the things that you really want to win IYSWIM.


  2. Oh well done - it just shows that it pays to take a chance. xx


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