Friday, 16 April 2010

Knitted Duck family

These were finished last night and left on the pond of the knitted farm mat I made for Imogen, waiting to be discovered this morning. It didn't take her long to spot them either. She came running into me in the kitchen with a great big smile and lots of thankyou's as she'd "been waiting for some ducks for her farm".

Duck mama and ducklings

Imogen and her new ducks
Within a short time, she was down on the mat playing with the new arrivals.

playing with the new additions to the farm

I've had a request now for a fox ... bigger than the chickens so he can chase them.


  1. Those ducks (and the mat) look great!

  2. You make me wish my daughter was little agin - I doubt if she'd want me to knit her something like this at 21!!!


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