Thursday, 1 April 2010

So much to share, so little time ...

I really must make an effort to catch up a little on here with things we've been doing and progress with the seedlings. Maybe after the Easter weekend. For now though, I would like to share some things that have made for Easter.

Knitted covered eggs

Felted wooden eggs
A few other wooden eggs for display

(I didn't make the wooden ones though)

A few days ago Imogen and I were having a much needed clear out of clothes that do not fit her anymore from her bedroom, ready to pass on or recycle if there is no wear left in them. We also finally put all her dressing up clothes in her treasure chest box in her room and took the toys out of there to put elsewhere in her room for her to play with. Amongst the toys in this chest was a long forgotten toy and as soon as I saw it a little felting project came to mind.

Here is the toy

Can you guess what I did with them?

a bit of wet felting
and a little needle felting
the result of my project

Lots of wrinkly fingers from the wet felting, and then a little needle felting done on top of that. I've done these in the evenings so Imogen hasn't seen them yet. They will be for her to discover at Easter with a little something inside. I'm really pleased with them. With some bits that didn't felt so well I have also part made a little felted nest but it's not finished yet so the pictures will have to follow another day.

Happy Easter everyone, see you all the other side of the weekend with other things to share including a little something recently won on an auction site - more on that soon ...


  1. They look fab, I'm sure Imogen will be thrilled with them. Have a great Easter weekend.

  2. What fabulous treasures you have made again. xx Have a lovely easter.

  3. beautiful, you are very clever.
    i love clearing things out! we are in the process at the moment and i am finding ebay very addictive! we just have too much stuff!

    have a lovely relaxing easter

  4. Hi, they were well loved by Imogen, and my Mom was very impressed especially when I told her how I made them by wet felting fleece - she thought I'd cut felt pieces and sewed them.
    Hi missking - yes clearing out is great, although I have lots more to do... sigh.


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