Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bouncy fun and deliveries ... just typical


We haven't wandered far from home over the last week really whilst Imogen has regained her health and strength. Preferring to spend time at home and in the garden. Today, however, we went to a local leisure centre as they had the bouncy castle out which Imogen loves. Excuse the blurriness - wrong setting on the camera, although I like the effect.



She had a great time, it was empty when we got there so I managed to take a few photos before there were any other children about and I wouldn't be able to. Lovely sunny day again, nice little breeze but warm with it so we wandered through the shops afterwards picking up a couple of supplies before going home.

I couldn't believe it that on the one day I'd been out, the courier tried to deliver my new breadmaker ...argghh. Although I wasn't expecting it to arrive this early in the week anyway, and he left a note to say he'd try tomorrow so I guess we'll be at home awaiting his arrival tomorrow and maybe go out later. Of course now I just want to try it out, knowing that I could have it in my kitchen now. Oh well, tomorrow.

Having a quiet afternoon now, worn out on the bouncy castle and the walk through the woods home. Maybe some reading or crafting time together.

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  1. My kids used to love bouncy castles, now they use their trampoline. I love my breadmaker, I wouldn't be without it.


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