Friday, 23 April 2010

Imogen and nature

I just love how Imogen loves to learn about nature and spends time exploring things. She's always ever so careful not to tread on bugs and creatures.

This week, and in recent weeks, she has been asking what leaves caterpillars will eat. She'll point out leaves and question if they would like them. She has also been laying out little piles of leaves for them for their breakfast, dinner and tea. Often I find little piles like these on the bay tree bush or the floor.

food for the caterpillars

These leaves became wings for Imogen who was being an Eagle this time. This prompted lots of questions about what noise Eagles have and how big they are, so we talked about this and looked for answers in books and on the Internet.

I'm being an Eagle
making flags

The leaves later became a flag with a couple of sticks we found too. She made one a few days ago too with the bay leaves (the smaller one on the left).

Nature is good, and full of opportunities to learn.

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