Monday, 26 April 2010

The beauty of things to come

Elder flower buds

I pass this Elder bush regularly, we're good friends. Look, the flowers are developing, bringing thoughts to my head on making Elderflower cordial and champagne again this year.

For now, I shall wait, but soon, soon this Elder will once again allow me to pick some of it's beautiful flowers to make the most delicious refreshments. Have I told you how much I love elderflower cordial? It has to be one of my favourites to drink and to make.

The champagne last year was a big hit. In more ways than one with a couple of explosions (no-one was hurt though). We shall learn from that this year, we are endeavouring to obtain some recycled champagne bottles, the corks and wires are easy to pick up. We're not big drinkers but enjoy a nice cool glass of organic beers, red wines (well not Alex), and the champagne last year. No horrible chemically after effects, all natural and quite alcoholic really.

What a luxury champagne is to buy, but homemade Elderflower champagne is not; just pick a few flower heads, water, sugar or honey, lemons and a little white wine vinegar and time. Pennies per bottle rather than the prices paid in wine shops and supermarkets, and all natural.


  1. I love elderflower cordial - I haven't ried it mad into champagne though - sounds yummy ;0)

  2. Ah elderflower cordial, sweet sweet times to come xx


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