Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Growing things update

red tailed bumble bee on the broad beans

A few update posts to things we've been up to over the last few days. We spent some time at the allotment on Sunday after Alex ran his community gardening course in the morning. It was a gloriously sunny afternoon. One of our plot neighbours was sunbathing when we arrived.

Imogen started with a little bug hunting, something she enjoys doing. She also likes to lay out foods for the bugs, especially caterpillars lately.


So a little weeding around the Asparagus bed which is showing up some of these this year - hooray! We are allowed to pick some this year but not too much. We actually thought it wasn't going to come up this year very well after a funny history with them. We bought 20 crowns between my Dad and ourselves, and last Spring we only saw signs of life from 10 plants - it seems we had a 50% crop failure. We're monitoring it this year and will be getting in touch with the supplier if the same occurs as it's 2 seasons this year. Anyway, a nice sight to see.

Imogen helped Daddy clear an old potato bed where it appears we forgot to dig up the potatoes from, so came home with a crate of potatoes and some we planted as they'd got good growth on them already. Most of the ones taken home were still okay, a bit thick skinned but okay once cooked.

This bed was then planted up with some Peas that have been waiting patiently to go in the ground. A little support of netting and all done.

Potatoes replanted

We harvested more purple and white sprouting broccoli, and plenty of Chard. We left the Spinach bed this week as we had some at home still, and actually the bed of Spinach at home is producing loads at the moment too.

red tailed bumble bee busy and in flight

Broad Beans are looking well, and we spent a while fascinated by this red-tailed bumblebee flying between the flowers after the nectar. The bees have been around for quite a while now, and the honeybees from the hive near our plot have been busy.

Fruit bushes and trees are looking good - these gooseberries are forming nicely and abundantly.

The Pear tree with almost flowering
(later than the ones at home)

Beautiful Apple Blossom

It's Earth Day tomorrow, so I have written a little post in recognition of a day that it would be nice if everyone around the world would just stop and think. Of course, it shouldn't just be one day, we should be thinking and acting every day. A bit sad really that flights have re-commenced just before Earth Day.

Back soon with more updates.


  1. It's nice to see the bees about again, I've seen some real whoppers this year. My peas are waiting to go out now, I've sown them in toilet roll inners in the greenhouse.

  2. You have so much going on, I don't know how you keep on top of it all. Wonderful to see.


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