Thursday, 8 April 2010

A morning sowing

seeds in the greenhouse

With Imogen feeling a bit better today I asked her if she felt like helping me sow some more seeds out in the greenhouse today, and she was delighted by the suggestion. She was (and is) still very tired but we had great success sowing these:

Lettuce Fristina (successional sowing)
Lettuce Oakleaf (successional sowing)
Spinach Matador (successional sowing)

Leaf Beat Perpetual Spinach (successional sowing)

Runner Beans (self saved seed)

Climbing French Bean - Neckar Queen

Climbing French Bean - Barlotta di Fuoco

Dwarf French Bean - Slenderette

(? name forgotten)
Courgette - Nero di Milano
Cucumber - Marketmore

Borecole Red Russian - Ragged Jack

Brussel Sprouts - Rubine (red variety)

Beetroot - Boltardy (red), Golden (yellow), Chiogga (striped), and Blankoma (white)

dibbing and sowing

and these flowers for Imogen

Sunflowers - Russian Giant
Striped Caterpillar Seeds (these looked like fun for Imogen)

Achochas, peas (previous sowings)
Imogens flowers sown today - she can't wait to see the
caterpillar seed pods to appear, it will be a while though

I think that was it for today. I really should collate the details of what we have done, when and how many plants we have. I have the details on bits of paper for now but should really transfer it to the diary I use for just this purpose. I can then transfer the list to here somewhere as a record of what's growing. Some of these are on their successional sowings.

Here are some more images of what's been growing previously. Did you know I like growing tomatoes? Lots of different ones.

Tomatoes and Tomatillo's
more Tomato seedlings
Achocha, Melon, Tomato, Tomatillo

A little watering, and a quick play on the mossy lawn with some balls and Imogen was ready to go back indoors for lunch.
Watering the seeds
Finished Mommy

With a good short term weather forecast, things are looking good for growing.


  1. Just what we've been doing too. How I'd love a green house though! Glad Imogen is on the mend.

  2. Hi Claire, yes the greenhouse is handy. We've been lucky to have inherited a small one when we bought the house (already in the garden although we've moved it) and been given the larger one by my Dad who used to use it years ago but doesn't have the space now.

  3. We did some sowing today aswell - isn't it fab to be outside again in the fresh air and sunshine.

  4. It's amazing how much can be done in a day when we get some decent weather, long may it continue. I like the look of those striped caterpillar seeds, I'm sure Imogen will love growing those.

  5. You have been busy! What a lovely thing to do with Imogen. Can't wait til Henry is big enough to help out with sowing, maybe next year...for now he helps from the sling on Daddy's back :)


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