Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In the garden ...

Magnolia Stellata

An update on things growing in the garden now. Mostly pictures, a record of how things are this month. Starting with an ornamental above, Magnolia Stellata - I've always loved this one, I do have some ornamental flowering plants and this is one of my favourites. What nicer a place to spend some time in this lovely warm sunny weather too. Bliss.

Mostly I grow things that are edible though, so here goes

Lovely Blueberries
2 varieties

The Kiwi vigorous climber!
Some of the greenhouse plants - many more too (you get the picture)

Lemon Balm - I love it's fragrance and taste
Perennial and vigorous so needs some taming

Spinach in the garden

Chard in the garden

Lettuce and salad leaves

Red ribbed Dandelion leaves,
Red ribbed Sorrel (perennial salad leaves)

Strawberries ... so English!

The Pear trees in blossom,
a little ahead of the older, more established pear tree at the allotment.

The blossom of the Almond tree


Spider hanging mid-air in my greenhouse!

Many salads and meals with Spinach and Chard at the moment which is lovely. Our lettuces and other salad leaves are just lovely at the moment - picking little (or not so little) and often.

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