Sunday, 18 April 2010


Imogen has enjoyed watching me making things since she was young, something I love and hope she will continue to be interested in. I do believe that if children see people making things, it inspires them to want to try too, and it's a lovely way to spend some time together crafting. She has some lovely lacing cards that she has loved doing over the years, and still does enjoy them. We did some things a while back with the blunt plastic needles and tapestry needles too, although my brain can't remember what it was right now.

Anyway, we've this week started another sewing project using a metal tapestry needle, which are blunt so take away the chance of "pricking" injuries. On a recent trip to a craft store, I saw these plastic canvas squares and thought Imogen might like to play around with them. So this is what we have been doing with some oddments of wool. Imogen decided that she wants to do each line in a different colour wool so it should be lovely and colourful. She even made up her own little rhyme/story to remind her which way to put the needle and pulling it through.
 starting sewing the square
Concentrating on sewing

Rainbow sewing
She's been really enjoying this, picking it up and putting it down every so often to do other things. When I was getting a couple of new colours of wool for her, she even threaded the needle with the wool on her own. I'd not shown her how to do it, it's just something she learnt by watching me. She also wanted me to do one, so I have one as a work in progress too.


  1. You are absolutely right that children who see others make things are inspired to make things themselves.
    My mum taught me to knit when I was about 6 or 7, but I've only recently really become a knitter. I was knitting at a softplay centre not long ago and there was a little girl completely fascinated with what I was doing.

  2. This is really lovely :)

  3. It's lovely to see children into crafting. My daughter loves making things.

  4. Fab work Imogen! My little ones always enjoy watching me do crafty things and love doing craft things themselves, it is a great relaxation tool for them too :-)


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