Saturday, 24 April 2010

Theatre tomorrow to see ... cancelled

**Unfortunately, due to sickness we have had to cancel this, luckily we knew someone else who was able to go, so the tickets weren't wasted. Maybe another time, another show**

Chris and Pui on tour with "Show me"

Chris and Pui

This will mean nothing to those with young children or those who do not watch television; but if you do know the Show me Show me programme on CBeebies, that's who we are going to see. This is still a surprise for Imogen at the moment, Alex bought the tickets ages ago but we decided to wait until this afternoon to surprise her otherwise she'd have been asking us about it for weeks.

We're looking forward to it and at the moment can only imagine the excitement that Imogen will have. Perhaps I'll update this post later.

Alex is running one of his community gardening courses this morning, so we shall surprise Imogen with this when he's back for lunch, and then an afternoon at the allotment is planned.


  1. Have a nice time, I hope Imogen likes her surprise :-D

  2. Oh no. I hope health is restored soon. xx


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