Friday, 16 April 2010

Dandelions and other foraging

It's that time of year again, there are so many dandelions around that I'm planning to make the Dandelion syrup again, most likely to use as a cordial. I'm thinking this year I may drop in another flavour too but not sure which one. The traditional one is burdock, but I'm thinking of experimenting with something else, just not sure what yet.

This is the recipe previously used for dandelion syrup which can be reduced to a cordial, or reduced further to create a syrup for drizzling over ice cream or pancakes, or used in cooking.

Dandelion flower cordial recipe
Nettles are everywhere too at the moment, the lovely fresh young leaves. So much picking of these is going on too for eating - wilted like spinach is lovely and added to rice, pasta or with eggs or made into lovely soup, or added to a juice; for brewing - Alex is going to make some nettle beer this year; and I'm also going to make a nettle cordial soon too. Watch this space for the new ventures with nettles.

Wild garlic is also on my "to pick" list (the list is just in my head), to use in salads and add to some lovely recipes I have found too. Will try and post about


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use all your wild harvests.

  2. ooh think i may have to get picking xx

  3. Just came on here to find your recipe from last year and you've posted it today - fabulous. Off to get some after lunch. xx

  4. Ohhh excellent, I've saved the receipe so I can have a go at this :-)

  5. Like the sound of this dandelion syrup - thanks for sharing ;0)


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